Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pray for Baby Samuel

Some friends and I have started a new campaign.

It's not a presidential election campaign.

It's not a senatorial electoral campaign.

It's a campaign seeking prayer.

Prayer for a boy.

A little boy.

A 4 month old boy.

Baby Samuel.

Baby Samuel was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. That is, he has cancer in his eyes. Yes, eyes. plural. It started in his left eye, and is very obvious now that we know he has it (and had we known about RB we would have known), but has started spreading to his right eye. He's looking at loosing his left eye. The optical nerves of his right eye are intact and he still has vision there. So far, it's not spread beyond his eyes. They think they caught it early enough. But it could still spread to his brain. His mama is a friend of mine, whom I drove from FL to VA to help with breastfeeding back in September. This little guy has had a hard life medically since birth...and it's just getting harder.

We (his mama and I) know that God does all things for a reason. He has a reason for this, and Samuel's mama prays that God uses this to bring Samuel to Him as a strong man and that he uses Samuel to his Glory. Please join us in the complete healing of Baby Samuel. Not just for healing, but preservation of both eyes and restoration of his sight. We know that God can do all things, and that all things work to His glory, but we ask that God spares this little boy's eyes and sight...in addition to his life. Thank you.

To read more about Baby Samuel go here: http://www.myspace.com/prayforsamuel