Monday, March 01, 2010

The Right to Bear Arms (and awaken a sleeping Bear)

This past weekend my husband and I decided to support our 2nd Amendment and went to a local gun show. My husband says he has created a monster. I say he's just awoken the sleeping bear (and the bear is armed and bearing arms...ha ha at my pun).

A few weeks back I took my concealed carry class, and on April 2 I am completing the process to obtain my concealed carry permit.

[A sleeping bear rumbled.]

At the show, my husband purchased a weapon from the store's booth through whom I took the concealed carry class. Typical since we don't have our permits yet, there is a 3 day wait. No biggie, we can pick it up on Thursday.

As we were leaving the show, a man with a private collection for sale had a revolver that caught my eye. It was pretty, but impractical for me. Regardless, I felt an irresistible urge to stop and admire. This was the beginning of the end. He had more...and I ended up buying my first firearm.

[The sleeping bear opens an eye.]

What did I purchase?
A Smith and Wesson .40 Sigma.

[The sleeping bear awakes]
Now...I want more. *rubs hands eagerly* But, alas, the budget prohibits the purchase of all that I desire...

Oh, and now our eldest daughter wants a pink gun.

[The sleeping bear FAMILY is awake and on the prowl]