Saturday, May 26, 2007

Some Pictures to Get me Through...

So, while I grieve the loss of an unborn child, I thought I'd celebrate the wonderful two children I have...and love dearly. Thank you, Lord, for these precious children. Thank you for entrusting me with their care. Thank you for a husband who loves me as much as he does, but loves our children and you as much. Thank you for our life. Thank you for your love. Thank you for our children.

Now a Mommy to An Angel Baby....

I went in to see my Chiro yesterday for an adjustment, and she and I had been talking all week about the possibility of my being pregnant. She specializes in pregnant women and children, and is an actual doctor, so she did some digging and called some friends as well. Here is the general consensus based upon everything that happened (please remember I'm only sharing a small amt. of information here).

Apparently, a couple of things happened. First, during my exam 2 weeks ago, when my Gyn checked the IUD placement, she must have dislodged it a bit. DH and I had been intimate that morning before my exam (yea, I know...LOL) and this must have allowed a spermie to get by. Conception must have occurred, and I tested b/c I started feeling some of my usual early pregnancy symptoms. We're guessing that I got a pos. either just as HCG hormones were beginning to produce, or just after the pregnancy ended, but either way, our best guess is that I must have gotten pregnant and my body resorbed the baby, most likely because of the Mirena. The tests I took yesterday morning and this morning both produced shadow like lines at around 5 min., but were so faint that I'm not sure if it was wishful thinking on my part, or what because DH wasn't ever able to see them. I don't know. We now know for certain that the Mirena was dislodged, because part of what I've been feeling was it working its way out. This afternoon, it came out completely. I am now without my Mirena and feeling crampy.

It was one of those freak things, I guess. But, after hearing that I was most likely pregnant and lost it because of the Mirena, well, I don't want another one. For now we're going to go back to NFP (Natural Family Planning) and just see what happens. DH just got a potential job offer last night that would double his income and move us from FL to Pax River, we really need to see what's going to come of that. Obviously, if a final offer is made, we'd take it.

Anyway, this whole week has been one of those crazy kind of weeks and this whole story is one that I'd expect to read on a message board as one of those "a friend of my cousin's sister-in-law's, best friend's 3rd cousin had..." if you know what I mean. I'm just looking forward to moving forward with our life, and I don't know that I'll ever get over the fact that I have an angel baby up in heaven waiting for me. I don't think it'd hurt this much to loose a baby if I weren't already a mother, but throw in that I desperately want another baby soon (not just yet, but soon) it only makes it harder. I don't know how DH is doing, he won't talk about's kinda the elephant in the room. But if you could please spare a few prayers as we heal and move forward it would be greatly appreciated.


A Mommy to an Angel Baby

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Soon to be Free...

...of the IUD! I have had this thing in to make sure that I didn't have another surprise baby after Little Dude was born. My pregnancies are SO hard, and I just could not have handled no insurance, a high needs baby, and being pregnant. So...June 8th I am going in to get it out (hopefully). No...not planning another baby any time soon, but honestly...I wouldn't be opposed. :o) I want to be done having our children before I am done with school...when I have to figure out how to pay back all the student loans.

Anyway, soon to be free!


So, there's this baby poop story contest going on here
So, Here's my story!

When Little Dude was a couple of months old he officially made me a mother. I had been a mother for more than 2 years, but he made it official. He'd been battling a diaper rash. None of the creams on the market were helping much, and it wasn't yeast. So, knowing about all the healing properties that breastmilk holds, I decided to put this on his bottom. It went very helped his bottom a lot, he healed very quickly. One diaper change I leaned over him to squirt the milk on his bum, straight from the tap.

Then it happened.


the poop.

Any mother will tell you that a newborn has this amazing ability to projectile poop. And that's what he did.




BOOB!!! That's right...runny, seedy, mustard colored baby breastfed poop all over my breast!!!! Yea...that diaper changed ended very quickly, culminating in my jumping into the shower.

I managed to get a shower that day at least....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Here are some pictures from this morning.

Wrist Pain

I'm sorry I haven't been able to update lately. My wrist has been bothering me a lot lately. I'm not sure what's going on, but I suspect it might be carpal tunnel or tendinitis. *sigh* I've only been able to type up my course assignments, nothing else.

I went through my CLC (certified lactation consultant) course April 30 - May 4th. It was a VERY stressful week, but worth it. We survived and the kids are glad to have mommy home again.

I am now watching Jack and Jill's daughter 2-3 days a week. She's a cutie but it's taking a lot of adjustment on her part. She is VERY clingy and gets jealous if I even hold Little Dude to nurse him. I am hoping (and praying) that this adjustment period will pass quickly.

The kids are doing well. They survived sinus and ear infections, but the allergies are killing them both as well as DH.

That's all for now!