Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting Settled

We made the trip to Jacksonville with ease, but upon arrival we discovered that the kids' bedrooms all had dog urine soaked carpets (ick!) and we had a GERMAN ROACH problem! *faint* Our (awesome) landlords took care of the carpets, and we're being very aggressive with the roaches too, with marked improvement already.

So, we're getting settled. My (awesome) mom came up for a couple of days to help me clean and get unpacked. My mom is amazing, and was a true life saver. She pulled me out of the mental funk I'd been in regarding the smells, filth, and roaches.

God put us in a location (house, as well as part of town and the state) that is perfect for us. We are close to a big airfield with jets that fly over our house (our house is on the landing path), but out in the country. We're surrounded by great neighbors, 3 major horse farms, and right up the road from the Jacksonville Equestrian Center and the Jacksonville Aquatic Center (which boasts an Olympic size indoor pool, with FREE use for Jacksonville residents).

We're surrounded by country, planes, and horses. Life is good. Soon, my pasture will be filled with horses as mine will be home soon, and we are being given another horse. So, pics will follow. After 8 years of struggling, God has blessed us with a little piece of paradise and for me, a life long dream fulfilled.

God is GOOD!