Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Things Kids Say...

I was rearranging some stuff in my DD and DS room. (they share a room b/c DS sleeps better that way and DD LOVES it; they're 2 and 4). I pulled the crib mattress out from under my DDs bed, and set it on hers. I needed to move it to the office (soon to be nursery) so that I could put some under the bed storage boxes full of toys under her bed instead.

Well, she saw the mattress up there and asked why it was up there. Here's a dialogue of our conversation.

Me: "It's up there because we need to move it to the office. That's going to become the new baby's room, and the baby will need to sleep on that mattress."

DD: "But what is the other one going to sleep on?"

Me: "What other one?"

DD: "The other baby?"

Me: "What other baby?"

DD: "The other baby in your belly."

Me: "What other baby in my belly?"

DD: "The baby brother and the baby sister, mommy. There's two babies."

AGH!!!!! Can I scream and pull my hair out now? She's got me scared. My nephew was saying the same thing last week in OK when he saw me. Then, my mom tells me today that twins run in our family, there just haven't been any in 2 generations. GEE THANKS MOM!

*sigh* So now I'm going to beg my Dr. for an u/s on Tuesday to check for twins. It doesn't help that all my pregnancy dreams have involved more than one baby (and always boy/girl).


Grumpy Bear said...

I don't know if you know that Makota and I have twin older sisters? So, it's on both sides.

Guinevere Meadow said...

It's things like this that make you wonder if psychic abilities are REAL.

Before I found out I was pregnant with Lance, several people told me they knew that I was pregnant, and that it would be a boy.

It makes me wonder!