Saturday, May 31, 2008

Please Continue to Pray

I posted earlier this month about the passing of an online friend's son. He had cancer (Leukemia) and the chemo and antibiotics killed his gut. Anyway, she continues to update his site/blog with updates as to how the family is doing, but mostly about how she is doing. She's having a difficult time, as I would imagine. She lost her SON! Her son who was so close to her they were very close friends. The pure pain and raw grief that spill forth from her words as she writes inevitably brings me to tears. I feel helpless to help her or bring her even the tiniest amount of comfort because she was "just an online friend." I feel so much hurt for her pain and wish SO MUCH that I could even help shoulder the burden. But, I know that I can not and not one can except Our Lord. So please continue to pray that God can give her more and more good days, days without the guttural, primal excruciating pain that leads to her moans and sobs, and more days where she can find peace and help her to learn how to be a mother to her other children who have been without her for SO long. Please pray that these days pass quickly for them all and she'll wake up and find 6 months has passed, or even years have passed, and the pain is now a dull ache, a hole in her heart that doesn't hurt like it does now. I just want her and this family to find peace and to desperately ease their hurting...and praying for them is the only way I know how.

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