Monday, October 13, 2008

Simeon Nix

As many of y'all know I attended Bell Shoals Baptist Church when I was in high school. This church impacted me in many ways spiritually and emotionally. The people that God brought into my life during my time at this church He used to shape who I am today. One of these men was the Music Minister, Simeon Nix.

This summer the church has suffered two great losses. The first, on Mother's Day, was the loss of it's Sr. Pastor. This was not the Pastor whom I learned from during my time at this church, so I did not know this man (only of his reputation). The second was the loss of Simeon Nix.

Simeon was an amazing man. He was a big man with an even bigger heart and a love of God that was almost tangible. One of my passions (along with horses) has always been music. God gave me a great gift in music and a great passion for it. In my floundering teen years Simeon, who may not have even been aware of what he was doing, encouraged me with my music and helped me to find a way in which I could express my love of God through my music. Simeon is one of the people key in my spiritual and emotional growth through my teen years, and I was saddened to hear of his passing.

I look forward to one day seeing Simeon again, and watching him worship the Lord as he always does, but in the presence of our Lord. I pray that his wife and children are able to find peace in the months and years ahead.

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