Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Today is the 1st day of 2010. Wow, that is weird just writing it...much less saying it.

I hope that the year to come is much better than the one just passed for everyone. The year for us was filled with many difficult obstacles that we had to overcome, but by the Grace of God (and strength that came from Him) we did.

This past fall we moved into a new home, an apartment. We truly feel that this apartment was from God. It is big, beautiful, has all the amenities that we could ever hope to have and then some, and God surrounded us with some amazing neighbors. We could stay here for a long time very comfortably.

Samantha turned 1 this past Halloween! I can't believe my baby girl is 1 already! We celebrated her birthday in our new home, welcoming a few friends and family members in for the first view of our home. Samantha enjoyed the cake, of course she did NOT make a mess (she bucks the norm where ever she can), and LOVED all the books she was given (have I mentioned this child LOVES books???). As of last night (New Year's Eve) she is 14 months old. It is truly staggering how quickly they grow.

Heather is excelling in school. She's gone through the kindergarten math in half a year, so I'm sitting here about to finish the school planning for the second I have to plan out the remaining weeks using all 1st grade math!

William is still William: my train loving little boy. He has SUCH a tender heart. I thank God for this precious boy. He learned to use the bathroom over the summer, and has fully mastered it day and night. He's a cool kid (who LOVES his Thomas and Spiderman underwear).

In November my Darling husband was involved in a severe car accident. He was in his work truck, on the clock at work, when he was run off the road by a large box truck. His work truck rolled a couple of times. I thank God that he was wearing his seat belt as the police officer and paramedics at the scene informed me he'd have been killed if he'd not been wearing it. Getting the phone call from an unknown number, and having the unfamiliar voice inform me immediately not to panic but that he was a paramedic, was hard not to panic. I do remember that my blood ran cold, and I'm certain my heart missed at least a couple of beats. The help of my family, and two AMAZING friends who accompanied me to the hospital to a) support me b) support TJ c) help with Samantha d) bear witness to what ever may be said/done regarding his boss and the company he worked for are what got me through that evening. You two know who you are, and I thank you from the BOTTOM of my heart.

TJ ended up with some nasty lacerations from the windshield and windows that blew out, as well as some very deep road rash from his elbow being drug across the interstate. These scrapes have still not fully healed almost 2 months later. The scars still open up and bleed from time to time and cause him a lot of pain. Above the external injuries he suffered some bad back injuries. We will not know the true extent of these injuries until next week when an MRI is done. He has been going through physical therapy for over a month and while the muscles are getting stronger, the source of his pain is his actual spine. This is leading doctors to think he has a problem with a disk in his back. They have said it is either: bulging, slipped, or ruptured/exploded.

4 days after his accident, while on medical leave, TJ received a call from his boss informing him that the company's board of directors had met and decided not to replace the work truck and thus, he was being laid off.

The last 2 months have been a very difficult time, where we've had to REALLY lean upon God. I must take the time to say that the one thing we've learned in all this is to take the step of faith when you know that step is one that God wants us to take. God made it clear to us that He did not want us to utilize Toys for Tots to help our children have a Christmas this year. That very day I came home to find two unexpected checks in the mail box for over $1200. OH how He provides!! We were able to pay bills, pay rent, and purchase a few things for the children for Christmas. A week later a close friend of my sister's (and a good friend of ours) went out and purchased an overwhelming number of gifts for all three children. Tearfully we drove home that night overwhelmed by the love of others, and of God's amazing grace. Finally, on Christmas Eve we were blessed by our church for a 4th time. We'd been provided with a full Thanksgiving dinner shortly after TJ's lay off, and on Christmas Eve the church provided us with a full Christmas Dinner as well. I was floored. Additionally, they bought the children gifts, and a gift card for TJ and I. I was overwhelmed. So many people have done SO much to help us. I continue to thank God.

So, the year ahead is filled with SOOO many uncertainties, but is filled with a cautious excitement. We will continue to trust God as we move on into 2010.

To all those who have helped us, we all thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

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