Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One year ago today, I Little Man was concieved. WOW! SO much has changed in a year. Where did the time go? Why is it that only a few short months ago he wasn't with us, and yet here he is and I can't immagine life with out him?

For those of you that have not yet been blessed with children, when that day comes, you'll understand what I mean. For now, ENJOY your freedom! lol Ah, to be able to run out the door on a whim (and not change diapers, pack a diaper bag, pack sippy cups, dress someone other than yourself, put kids into carseats, pull them OUT of carseats, lock and unlock the front door while yelling at a toddler and juggling an infant, the list goes and to be able to actually buy myself an outfit for once...

Yes...I miss it, but more than that I LOVE my children and don't want to go back to that life. One day, my little angels will be gone and I'll have those things back.

Until a can so much change in a single year?

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