Friday, August 11, 2006

This is from August 11, it's been lost for a while, but now is found! I guess this is a parody of many people searching for Christ.

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Would some slow down the world? I'd like to get off now!

This week has been INSANE! On Monday, my best friend went into labor. She has 2 other children (girls) and her husband is currently serving overseas. So, while she had someone to come get the girls, she needed me to help her labor at home until she was ready to go to the hospital. At 6am I got the text from her, packed up Little Dude, and drove out to her house. I helped her labor until 1am when she got to th Dr's office. Her midwife told her she was only 3 cm. and 50% effaced, so she had to labor at home some more, but DID strip her membraines to "help things along". I took "K" back home and took Little Dude home. I'd been gone all day, up for almost 12 hours already, and Sweet Pea as well as hubby (aka Jarhead) needed to spend some time with me. Well, shortly after I got home "K's" mom picked her up and took her to the hospital where she was admitted and she had her baby...naturally...11 lbs 1 oz!!! A little boy.

Tuesday I had to replace my driver's license. Sweet Pea got into my wallet and LOST my driver's license, one of Little Dude's insurance cards, and my bank card. I found the last two, but never did find my driver's license. So, I had to go get that. Then, I had to go get some things from wal-mart w/ Jarhead and the kids. After that I took Jarhead home and took Sweet Pea, Little Dude, and my 2 youngest sisters to the museum (M.O.S.I. - Museum of Science and Industry) since homeschoolers were getting in free. That was really nice. I took them home after 2 hours, and the youngest sister, "J" came home w/ me for the evening. I was SOOOO stressed...the house was a MESS (and "J" is a neat FREAK so she wasn't happy about that, lol), I had dinner to get out, and kids to bathe and get to bed. Um...yea...S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D!!! lol

Wednesday, "K" called me and needed me to take her home. She was being discharged a day early and no one could get her home. I was the ONLY one who could get her home. So, since I know she'd have done the same for me in that situation, I sent Sweet Pea over to my mom's and went out to meet her. She told me to be there%2

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