Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama LOVES the VA!

*laced with heavy sarcasm*

This just came out. It makes me ill to my stomach. Literally. Men and women, like my husband, who have served to defend this country, some sacrificing the mental health, and some sacrificing LIMBS, are to be turned out in the cold until they have private insurance if Mr. Obama gets his way. He is pushing socialized medicine on this country (not going to comment on this one way or another) and yet is trying to require our veterans to get private insurance to cover the costs of their SERVICE or COMBAT RELATED injuries??? Um...I have news for Mr. Obama. Sir, it's called the "pre-existing condition clause." As someone who just went through the process of obtaining private insurance (private as in: not through my husband's work...but truly private) I was grill in great detail regarding any previous condition, and received a 150 page booklet explaining their final decision regarding my insurance policy and what they were excluding. There is NO WAY my husband would be able to get coverage for any of his problems with private insurance. He relies upon the VA to help him continue to recover from the injuries he sustained due to the nature of his job and a training accident.

So, essentially what you're saying, Mr. President, is "Thanks for your service, but if you get heart that's too damn bad."

Yes, people are going to be lining up to serve now, and where will that leave our country1's security when the next anti-American nut-job decides to try and murder thousands of Americans????

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