Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sugar, Sugar, and a Big Ol' Crash

I was FINALLY able to take my glucose test today. After the fiasco with the lab last week, my MW's office called and we decided to do the test there in their office. They were appalled at all the hoops both them and I would have to jump through to get the lab to let me do the test with anything other than glucola. *gag*

So, I ate a big protein and veggie dinner last night, and went in today. I drank my 10 oz. of pure grape juice, and then saw the midwife (MW). After that I still had 15 min. so i was able to go outside and power walk for 10 min. pushing DS in the stroller to help burn off some sugar. I came back in when the 1 hr. was up and went back to have my blood drawn.

Well, I was dehydrated. Badly. I'd not eaten in 17 hours, and had only had grape juice to drink in several hours. So, it REALLY REALLY REALLY hurt when she stuck the needle in my vein (in my best vein too, which was odd). I was so dehydrated that the blood was thick and dark and flowed slowly into each of the 3 vials, hurting more and more by the second. The more it hurt, the more dizzy I got. When she was done, I sat there for a second until the room stopped spinning. I then went into the bathroom to pee one more time, and when I got out I was so dizzy that I was able to call out for help before just collapsing on the floor. The poor nurses started freaking out. I was sweating bullets in a cold sweat, and all the color was gone from my face. They frantically got the midwife who laid me down, had them bring a blanket to put under my head, and stroked my head and face while I laid there. They said that I passed out for a moment there. Once I was lying down I started feeling better, and they brought me a wheel chair to wheel me outside. My MW clinic is inside the hospital, which has parking we have to pay for at each visit, or complimentary valet parking (which we utilize as tipping the attendants is cheaper than the cost of the parking garage that runs us almost $5 a visit otherwise).

A nurse wheeled me right out to the car, and gave my DH and I instructions to stop on the way home and get big protein sugars or I'd have another sugar crash like that.

The kicker: by the time they drew my blood, b/c i'd been fasting (like they directed) it was 17 hours without eating. Man, if this is how I was with just a 1 hr. test, I know there's no way I'll get through the 3 hour if I fail this one. I'm praying the fasting, grape juice, and walking will do the trick and I'll pass.

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Guinevere Meadow said...

OH how awful.

Seriously??!! You have to pay to park at the HOSPITAL??!!! Unreal.