Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Army Wife

DH has always said he wanted to go back into the military. He's always wanted to do this, but had been told early on after his discharge from the Marine Corps that he would have to start out in the reserves in any branch. The goal of his education was to eventually become a commissioned officer in the reserves.

At the recruiter's office in our local town (not the big substation, but a tiny one) DH saw a sign advertising a nice signing bonus for anyone with an Associates Degree. Well, as of June 1, 2008 DH HAS an Associates Degree!!! This prompted him to go inside and talk with this new recruiter. He found out that the reserves requirement is bogus, and not only can he go in active duty but that he would be able to promote very quickly through several ranks due to his Associates Degree.

From a financial aspect, this would be a HUGE life saver for us. We would be able to pay off our debt, start a savings account, and the move into base housing where ever we are stationed would alleviate the stress of most of our bills. Also, DH would be able to continue his Bachelor's degree on the Army's dime...so no more student loans. YAY! In 24 months he will be done with his BA and able to apply for OCS - Officer's Candidate School...and being an officer would help us even more!

So, in many many many ways this would be a HUGE help to us and a huge blessing.

I am, however, nervous at this prospect. I want him to go for it. He would love it, it would help us financially and allow us to enjoy each and our children more, and we'd get to do many of the things with our children that we want to do. However, we would be moving away from where we live, and have only recently gotten totally settled into living here. For the next 11 years we would be living away from our family, whom our children have grown VERY attached to. Taking them away from their "Grandma" and "Abba" would be heartbreaking. Also, an Iraqi deployment would be a sure thing. The thought of caring for 3 small children alone terrifies me. I know that I would move back to my home town for that year, but it is still scary.

So, if you could please pray that God moves us in the direction that He has for us, and makes this path obvious for us, it would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Guinevere Meadow said...

this would be WONDERFUL for your family!! I will pray that God will make His will known to you, and that He will give you the desire for whatever it is. (God promises to give us "the desires of our hearts," so if we pray that God will place a desire within us for whatever His will is, then His will no longer becomes scary!)