Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Using a Wrap

Since there is so much interest here on using a wrap (like the Moby Wrap), I thought I would share some information, links, etc.

First, Here is why wraps rock!

There are some basic carries, so you can search YouTube for them.
FWCC - Front Wrap Cross Carry
Kangaroo Carry
FCC - Front Cross Carry
BWCC - Back Wrap Cross Carry
Ruck Carry - an easy back carry
SHBC - Secure High Back Carry

Here are some links to videos on how to do carries with a wrap, listed by the type of carry they teach.

FWCC - this is an EXCELLENT video. The only thing I don't like about it is the dad only ties the wrap once, and he should tie it off (when done wrapping) with a double knot for safety.

Kangaroo - a quick instruction on this carry, no sound - MUCH more detailed instruction on this carry. There's no sound, but it's in German anyway so sound wouldn't benefit most of us much anyway. LOL

FCC - This is an easy carry to do, you can leave it tied while you run errands and just pop baby in and out as needed

Nursing - I'm not sure what type of wrap she's using as most wraps don't have rings, but this will work simply by loosening the knot.

Hip Carry

BWCC - There are a LOT of variations on this carry, as well as a multitude of ways of getting baby on your back. If you don't like the method of getting baby up in one video, watch another...but the concepts of how to actually wrap it may be better in some than others or may be easier for some to understand than others. Back carries are highly subjective to individual preferences. Also, with this carry, you can use ruck straps instead of crossing your chest if you prefer. Larger busted women usually prefer this method.

Ruck - done with a newborn, she ties this Tibetan which is how I prefer to tie my BWCC

SHBC - this is an advanced carry - this is done with a newborn, so anyone who is good with the wraps can do it with a child or baby of any age.

For something just crazy, watch this: While this video is being made, she's pregnant with TWINS!!!

Okay, I think this should be sufficient for most everyone. If you are still confused on some of the carries, I'll see if I can't get DH to act as a camera man for me and try and make my own video for you. :o) Enjoy, mamas!

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