Thursday, April 05, 2007

Life And Times...

So, how do I begin to share what has happened since August?

In September I started school! I am a STUDENT! YAY!

Well, on October 30, 2006 we moved into a house! A house that a friend of my dad's at church owns and is renting us! The move was from a very bad place, and was the move from HEDES (h-e-double hockey sticks). In fact, the move nearly tore apart my family. But, we did it, we moved, we are now settled in, and we LOVE it! We have a huge hard, fenced of course, 2 dogs, and 2 happy children.

In December Little Dude celebrated his 1st Christmas. It was nice. DH's cousin "J" came over and stayed with us for a few days to celebrate with us. Again, very nice. I will publish pictures later. Little Dude also started crawling, which is a huge milestone.

In January DH and I took Sweet Pea and Little Dude to Disney World's Magic Kingdom w/ K and her 3 children. We had a blast.

Last month, we got our 2nd dog, a purebred German Shepherd Dog (GSD) named Shelly. She's a great addition to our family but needs to learn to be less aggressive towards Bean, our first dog (a Golden Retriever/Boarder Collie mix). She really loves Sweet Pea and Little Dude, but loves me more than anyone.

Little Dude turned 1 last Wednesday! I can't believe it! He's ONE!!! WOW! Where did the year go!? So, that means that Sweet Pea turned 3 YESTERDAY! That is just as hard to believe. It seems as though it was only a few months ago that she was in the NICU struggling to thrive! Now she's my 30 lb, smart mouth, drama princess 3-yr old. I love both of them dearly.

We got a severe blow financially, though. Tuesday, DH's hours got cut. He was talking to his boss, and his boss informed him that he's not allowed to work any more overtime! That's a 20 hour a week, or $650 a month pay cut!!!!! Add that to the fact that our insurance is $500 a month JUST for DH and I and it's an $1150 a month loss in pay that we're going to be suffering!!!!! I'm not sure how we're going to survive, but we will. God will provide. He always does.

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