Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sick Children

Sweet Pea came up sick yesterday. She threw up all day, and then last night started running a temp of 103. Her doctor gave us a Rx for phenergan supositories, that the insurance didn't cover. $28 for 5 of those suckers!!! My poor baby girl has to have me stick them up her bum every 8 hours. Poor girl!

Then this morning, after he woke up from his morning nap, Little Dude woke up w/ a fever. He was running a temp of 104.1!!!!!!!!! I gave him some tylenal and a cool bath which brought it down to 103, and it was down to 102 by the time we got to the peds. office. I got home and it was back up to 103. 5 and when I set him down on the floor he just laid donw!!!! My little man who loves to crawl around all day, refusing to stop for ANYTHING, wouldn't move and was SOOOOOOOOOO lethargic! I laid down to nurse him (he wants to nurse, so he stays hydrated at least) and he's back asleep.

I hope and pray that my babies feel better soon! I feel so badly for them!

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