Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sorry to go M.I.A. and some updates.

...but Sweet Pea passed her flu bug on to the rest of us. For 2 weeks now we've battled illness. We were all over the flu by last Monday, I wasn't strong again until Tuesday though. Then, Tuesday DH ended up having to call into work to get his tooth pulled on a emergency thing. We spent 2 hours calling around looking for a dentist that could fit him in as an emergency patient (and had to pay extra for it). While we were waiting for him to see the dentist I kissed Sweet Pea's head only to have my lips burn! She was BURNING UP! I rushed her to our pediatrician as he was only 2 miles away and our house (which = our thermometer) was 8 miles away. I get there and she's running a temp of 104!!! Yup..she has a SINUS infection now! So, after a week w/ the flu in our home, SP gets a sinus infection.

Needless to say, I ended up with a headache from it all. A headache that lasted 5 days!!! I tried to get in to see my mom's doctor but they don't have any openings for, get this, FOUR WEEKS!!! So...I'm going to have to find another doctor because that's a joke.

My mom got back from Jamaica on Sunday. She was there for 10 days doing missions work. It seems that while we were under attack spiritually (and physically) the Lord was able to Bless her trip. I am very grateful for that. I would rather have had Satan attack me and my family than her trip. I only regret that due to my being so sick I was distracted and didn't pray for her and her trip the way I wanted to and had intended to.

I finished my 3rd block of classes. I passed with A's and have a 3.5 GPA now. :-) Not too shabby for a full time stay at home mom! I am VERY pleased with myself.

And God has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to help make up the difference in the loss of pay Tim took at work. Some very dear friends of ours have asked me to watch their precious daughter starting next month. The pay will give us the much needed "fun" money. :-) I look forward to it as their daughter is just precious....a wonderful little girl whom I adore. :-)

Well, that's about it for now. I'll write again tomorrow...as long as this (new) headache goes away.

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